Mrs. Liz Traylor is the wife of Pastor Ted Traylor at Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. Mrs. Liz and Pastor Traylor have two children. Mrs. Liz covers a lot in this episode and I pray our conversation draws you closer to Christ.

I love that towards the end of this chat when we were talking about ways to connect with Mrs. Liz, she just encouraged listeners to read their Bible. Can I get an Amen! Follow Jesus and read His Word!

Towards the beginning of this conversation, when Mrs. Liz explained how God's Word saved her when she couldn't function was SO powerful to me. I love how she reads her Bible most mornings. Mark Batterson talked about that in his book, "Win The Day" how more time in God's word = a better day. It is so true! I pray this conversation is a blessing to you. Mrs. Liz is a leader, a Jesus lover, and a great example for us! Thank you, Mrs. Liz and Pastor Traylor for loving the Lord through many seasons here in Pensacola!

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