Love this encouraging message talking about trusting God and how to encounter God with Dr. Patty Sadallah! She is an Award-winning Christian Author, she is a teacher and she loves disciplining others to Christ. Wow! What beautiful wisdom from God, Patty shares with us this week! She tells how to practically seek God. I am SO thankful for this new friendship with Dr. Patty and my prayer is that you hear what she says, understand it in a way that only the Holy Spirit can reveal in your and then you walk away from this conversation with your head held high with a stronger faith in who God is knowing He can do anything!

Connect with Dr. Patty Sadallah below and check out her podcast! Thank you Patty for coming on the podcast and sharing what God has on your heart! I am better for it and I pray the listeners feel empowered by the Holy Spirit as well. He is our all in all!

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